Welcome from the President

Welcome to the web site of IMC New Zealand. This web site is for our members, prospective members and potential clients. IMC provides CMC, Certified Management Consultant, as your guarantee of an experienced management consultant who keeps up with the latest management thinking and is backed by a professional institute''s code of conduct and complaints process.

IMC New Zealand appreciates you taking the time to visit us and we look forward to being of assistance to you.

Our web site is designed to be the portal into the world of management consulting in New Zealand and I am sure you will find the information here of use to you. We have been providing professional development to management consultants and executives since 1970.

We appreciate any feedback on our website so feel free to contact me.

I look forward to meeting you at one of our upcoming events.

Noel Rodgers CMC
President IMC New Zealand


"To be recognized as the leader of the profession of consulting to organisations and management in New Zealand"



"To promote excellence and ethics in management consulting through certification, education and the provision of professional resources."


IMC New Zealand

is a member of the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes ("ICMCI"), an organization that spans 50 plus countries and has in excess of 25,000 members worldwide. IMC members who hold the CMC accreditation are able to practice in ICMCI member countries without further assessment, opening business opportunities around the world.


IMC Objectives:

  1. develop the practice and profession of management consultancy in New Zealand;
  2. foster the compliance of members with high standards of professional performance and ethical conduct;
  3. promote actively the training, education and qualifications of persons practising or intending to practice the profession in New Zealand;
  4. to grant certificates and classes of membership to members which denote their proficiency and experience in the profession;
  5. develop or provide lectures, meetings, conferences and publications and to promote research in management consultancy;
  6. test the competence of persons engaged or intending to be engaged in the profession; and
  7. provide organisations (i.e. prospective employers of consulting services) with a register of members and guidance on selecting an appropriately qualified and experienced professional adviser.)
CMC: A higher level of
management consulting

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