Value and behaviour competence

Competence Framework Reference
Values and Behaviour Competence Sub-competence
E Ethics and Professionalism
Operates with professionalism and integrity in all aspects of role including conduct, adhering to codes of practice and working in the best interests of the client.
Ref # Definition
E1 Demonstrating ethical behaviour E1.1 Demonstrates appropriate ethical behaviour and adheres to the ICMCI and/or National Institute Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics.
E2 Demonstrating professional behaviour E2.1 Ensures professional advice is sound and relevant to client's needs.
E2.2 Sets high personal standards, acts with integrity, respects confidentiality, and is courteous, reliable and responsive in dealing with others.
E2.3 Understands and manages diversity in terms of culture, religion, race and gender.
E2.4 Demonstrates behaviour that earns the respect of professional colleagues.
E2.5 Applies professional and ethical criteria and withdraws from an engagement that discovers, or causes, illegal activity.
F Analytical Skills
Applies analytical and pro-active thinking to ensure robust and appropriate client solutions
Ref # Definition
F1 Problem solving F1.1 Uses a logical, coherent and consistent approach to problem-solving. Challenges assumptions and probes detail.
F2 Decision making and recommendation F2.1 Understands the implications of different courses of action
Makes recommendations based on risk analysis with facts and assesses the ability of the client to implement.
F3 Innovation F3.1 Demonstrates flexibility, creativity and innovation in generating solutions and recommendations.
G Personal Interaction
Takes and maintains responsibility for actions and impact of selected course of action on others.
Handles complexity in the operating environment.
Interacts effectively with others to achieve desired outcomes.
Demonstrates influencing skills.
Demonstrates communication skills.
Ref # Definition
G1 Taking responsibility for own actions G1.1 Maintains responsibility to the client to remain within the scope of work. Identifies, and where appropriate notifies colleagues of, issues outside scope of work.
G2 Handles complexity G2.1 Works effectively in complex environments containing value-conflicts and uncertainties, needing, at most, only indirect supervision.
G3 Interacts effectively with others G3.1 Shares views with others, expressing own ideas and thoughts clearly and openly while also being prepared to listen to other, differing, views before reaching conclusions.
Where appropriate, uses professional network to seek contributions from others.
G4 Demonstrates influencing skills G4.1 Presents ideas convincingly to the client to achieve specific outcomes.
G5 Demonstrates communication skills G5.1 Conveys information in a clear focused style using effective verbal, non-verbal, graphical, written and oral communication techniques in formal and informal situations.

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