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Professional Development Activity Categories

Category of PD Activity



Conventions & Conferences

No limit

Full details of conference sessions and PD hours must be kept for audit purposes.

Courses, seminars, workshops and lectures

No limit

Courses that cover the broad range of topics of management consulting interests and specialty areas. This activity can include class, distance learning or self-study. Number of hours relate to session times only.

IMCNZ Regional Meetings

No limit

Participation in IMCNZ regional group sessions for the exchange of management consulting information of common interest. Covers breakfast, lunch or after work sessions with speakers and discussion / question time.

Tertiary Studies

No limit

10 hours per paper sat & passed

These include formal courses conducted by tertiary education organisations leading to degrees, diplomas or certificates.

In-house training activities

No limit

These include in house courses, schools and residential courses. They may be presented by company staff or individuals and organisations engaged by the employer. Participants in house training need to obtain approval to credit the PD hours before completing the training.

Research and writing of articles for recognised publications

No limit

Research and writing time for articles for recognised publications including the IMCNZ website and promotional activities. Excludes time for layout, artwork and design.

Research, writing and presentation of speeches.

No limit

Research, writing and preparation time for speeches and presentations to recognised organisations, including IMCNZ Regional meetings and promotional activities. Excludes time for layout, artwork and design. As a guide, 3 hours preparation for every hour presenting. This does vary with degree of complexity of subject and experience of presenter.

Reading of technical and management consulting literature and viewing of electronic media

Maximum of 10 hours pa

Members should maintain a reading log to support time in this category.

Participation in IMCMZ Council and sub committees

Maximum of 10 hours pa

Attendance at Council / sub committee meetings and work arising.

Research carried out in preparation for consulting assignments

Maximum of 10 hours pa

Includes tailoring and development of methodologies and researching the client sector and business environment.

Other Activities

Must be submitted and approved by PD Councillor

All activities considered.

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