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Principles and Conceptual Building Blocks

Professional Development (PD) is an integral part of the CMC certification and IMCNZ Membership.

The PD of members of the IMCNZ is self-directed by each member within the guidelines set by the Institute.

PD activities include participation in IMCNZ and Regional activities.

The Institute will monitor member's PD activities to ensure that members comply with the guidelines.

Members will submit an annual PD report to IMCNZ.

Members will be able to carry over up to 20 hours per annum of PD activities into the next year with the proviso that the full requisite hours for three years are completed in a three-year period.

Ongoing non-compliance will result in the member not being eligible to continue as a member of IMCNZ or retain the CMC qualification.

At this time the Institute will not offer PD activities.

At this time the Institute will not accredit PD activities.

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