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General information

IMC New Zealand Common Body of Knowledge
Information for membership applicants
This is the Common body of Knowledge which applicants for associate of Full Membership/CMC must be familiar with before their assessment interview.

IMC New Zealand Code of Professional Conduct
Information for members and membership applicants
This is the Code of Professional Conduct to which Members and Associates of IMC New Zealand commit.

Case Study Template
A useful tool when completing your membership application for CMC or Associate status

CMC logo style guide 2015
Guide to using CMC logo
This is the latest guide to the use of the CMC logo

CMC Logo Black
Black version of updated CMC logo 2015

CMC Logo Blue
Blue version of updated CMC logo 2015

CMC Logo White
White version of updated CMC logo 2015

Launch of Strategic Partnership with Victoria University
In 2012 Victoria University’s School of Business and Institute of Management Consultants New Zealand launched a new partnership to help further develop ‘town and gown’ links.

Victoria University academic first in New Zealand to receive international fellow award for management consulting

Coalition feedback on AOG consulting procurement
Letter to Minister
This is a copy of the letter from a coalition of professional organisations to the Minister for Economic Development sent 18 September 2013.

IMCNZ Membership list
List of all IMC New Zealand members as at 4/7/17

Launch of BoardSafe
Copy of press release for launch of BoardSafe

Professional Development

The New Zealand Guide for Aspiring Certified Management Consultants

Essentials of Management Consulting Online Course

Essentials of Management Consulting Face to Face Course

Diploma of Consultancy Course

Introduction to Consulting Course

10 minute narrated PowerPoint presentation - Fundamentals of Management Consulting workshop
10 minute narrated PowerPoint presentation from Kevin Schwenker FCMC, now available on the IMC New Zealand website - Fundamentals of Management Consulting workshop

27 MB

Professional Development Video Series - Is safety important in the work environment
For members who are unable to personally attend one of our Professional Development sessions we are making the recorded content available. Once viewed it qualifies for 1 PD Point.

Content: IMC Panel Discussion on 'Is safety important in the work environment?' with:

Steve Keall - Barrister
Keith Robinson - Health & Safety Training Specialist
John Barley - Insurance Broker & Organisational Health Advocate

Auckland & Wellington: EventBrite registration now open for Kevin Schwenker FCMC’s CMC-Canada 3 day Fundamentals of Management Consulting workshop
WELLINGTON 15-17 March 2017: University of Otago Wellington Conference Centre, 23A Mein St. TO REGISTER -

AUCKLAND: 20-22 March 2017: CDL Insight Consulting Training Room, 81 Grafton Rd. TO REGISTER -

We have Kevin Schwenker FCMC coming to New Zealand next month to deliver CMC-Canada's intensive 3 day Fundamentals of Management Consulting workshop; this is one of four new IMC New Zealand professional development programmes.

To ensure a top quality experience for all, the number of participants for these two workshops will be strictly limited, and registration is on a first come first serve basis. As the workshops will be open to non-members, early booking is therefore recommended.

As a national trainer for CMC-Canada, Kevin has taught over two thousand management consultants in introductory and advanced courses for the CMC designation since 1996. He currently delivers the leading edge national programme, The Essentials of Management Consulting, across North America and around the world in co-located private and public workshops. Kevin also led the team that wrote CMC-Canada’s national Common Body of Knowledge entitled, Management Consulting: An Introduction to the Methodologies, Tools and Techniques of the Profession. It was published in April 2010 and has since been adopted by other Institutes (including Australia); it is the basis of the workshops he will be delivering here.

For more information on this course, please go the Eventbrite link above, or see the attached pdf. If you have any questions, feel free to email either Kevin in Canada, or Iain Matheson here in NZ.

Fundamentals of Management Consulting - March 2017 Training Course
3 value packed days chock full of learning, application, tips and templates.

Report on PD Activities

Log of Professional Development Activities

Member Professional Development Plan
CMC: A higher level of
management consulting

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