Membership Price List

Membership Price List

Membership fees are determined on an annual basis by the Council. The following fees will apply for the year ending 31 December 2017.

*As a requirement of membership CMCs are required to undertake a re-assessment every 3 years in accordance with international standards (re-assessment fee applies) 


Application (Associate/CMC):
NZ$250 plus GST
Application (Accredited Consulting Practice)
NZ$2,500 plus GST
Associate membership (AIMCNZ):
NZ$250 plus GST
Member (MIMCNZ)/CMC*:
NZ$350 plus GST
Fellow (FIMCNZ)
NZ$450 plus GST
ACP Individual CMC membership:
NZ$262.50 plus GST
ACP Individual Associate membership:
NZ$187.50 plus GST
ACP Accredited Consulting Practice 3 Yearly Re-Assessment
NZ$2,500 plus GST

Affiliate membership:
NZ$50 plus GST

Corporate Affiliate membership

      1-20 Staff
NZ$175 plus GST
      21- Staff
NZ$325 plus GST

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