Why choose a CMC

CMC - Certified Management Consultant

When you use the services of a management consultant who has the international qualification CMC, it means that he or she is a Certified Management Consultant and has met strict certification requirements of the Institute of Management Consultants in his or her country. If that Institute is a member of the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (as the Institute of Management Consultants New Zealand is), the initials mean the consultant has met world class standards of competence, ethics and independence, and is eligible for reciprocity between ICMCI member institutes. These standards include:

Requirements of a CMC

  • Experience
    Three years in management consulting
  • Education
    Recognized degree or professional qualification or additional five years in management consulting in lieu of a degree
  • Time spent
    Able to demonstrate that in the last three years, management consulting has been a significant part of their activity. This can include consulting with clients; selling, managing and / or supporting consulting activity; preparing for and teaching consultancy; publishing and writing on consultancy
  • Independence
    Owner or employee of a firm in independent practice, or internal consultant in organization meeting institute's independence criteria

Qualification Process for CMC status

  • Experience
  • Minimum of 3 years experience as a practising management consultant
  • Examination
    Structured interview to test knowledge of the code of professional conduct and common body of knowledge
  • References
    Written descriptions of three consulting engagements and three client references verified through interview

Each CMC pledges in writing to abide by their Institute's code of professional conduct. Their adherence to this code signifies voluntary assumption of self-discipline above and beyond the requirements of law. Every institute member of ICMCI has such a code which meets the minimum standards of ICMCI. Institutes enforce their code by receiving and investigating complaints of violations and by taking disciplinary action, including revocation of certification, against any member who is found guilty of code violation.

The initials FIMC designate a Certified Management Consultant who is also a Fellow of his or her institute - FIMCNZ in New Zealand. In some countries, the ICMCI member institute may use the designations MIMC and FIMC to signify (certified) Member  or Fellow of that Institute of Management Consultants. These consultants are internationally qualified as CMC and FCMC or FIMC.

In selecting management consultants, clients are well advised to seek individuals who meet the profession's own standards of competence, ethics, and independence. Institute certification is a valuable aid in this quest. It is the mark of excellence among management consultants.
CMC: A higher level of
management consulting

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