Frequently-asked questions


Why Should I join IMC?

If you''re in the business of management consulting, membership in IMC is an investment in your career. Your membership will provide you with exceptional value in terms of your personal development, your professional practice and your financial security.  Through a variety of professional development and networking opportunities, you will have ample opportunity to share best business practices with your colleagues in the profession. Through our online database potential clients interested in retaining a management consultant will have access to you. You will have access to a unique range of products and services that we have secured on your behalf, typically at discounted rates. Finally, you will have access to the CMC designation program, the only internationally recognized certification program for management consultants.



What types of organisations do IMC members come from?

Members of IMC New Zealand currently come from a wide range of organisations. We have sole proprietors who are members, consultants from small-medium enterprises, as well as consultants from the major firms.  Academic groups are providing an increasing proportion of management consulting services.



Do I have to have the CMC designation to be a member?

No, IMC New Zealand is an inclusive organization. Whether you have the designation, are currently pursuing or are interested in pursuing the designation, or even if you don''t think the designation is of interest to you, we welcome you to our Institute. We are the voice of all management consultants. But every CMC is required to be a member of an Institute of Management Consultants that is affiliated to the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI).



What business are typical members involved in?

Again, our membership base covers a wide range of areas. We currently have consultants working in several service areas serving clients in many different industries. The most common service areas are strategic and business planning, organizational development, project management, feasibility studies, general management and information technology/e-business management. Our members consult to almost every industry imaginable including government, banking and financial services, health care, manufacturing, professional services, small/family business and technology.



How can I be a member when I don''t have 3 years consulting experience?

Associate and Affiliate membership of IMC does not require 3 years consulting experience. Three years management consultancy experience is needed for full membership and to complete your CMC designation, which can be gained while pursuing other components in the CMC designation program.



How does IMC assess the three-year experience requirement and what documents will I need to support it?

You must be able to demonstrate that in the last three years, management consulting has been a significant part of your activity. This can include consulting with clients; selling, managing and / or supporting consulting activity; preparing for and teaching consultancy; publishing and writing on consultancy

CMC: A higher level of
management consulting

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