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Philip Cox

Capability statement

Philip CoxHaving trained and worked as an engineer in Electronic Counter Measures and Information Management, I moved to a consultancy role in the 90’s and have advised government departments and corporations since then. My military service instilled in me the values of integrity and reliability. But key is the determination to get the job done. As a manager of change growing up in an information-centric environment, the principles of good communication continue to guide my approach.

Contact:    Philip Cox
Mobile:    021 872 270

Professional background

Institute of Management Consultants NZ
Engineering Council of UK
Chartered Management Institute UK

Professional associations

Institute of Management Consultants NZ
Engineering Council of UK
Chartered Management Institute UK

Typical projects

Rather than attempt to define a typical project, here are some highlights from a varied career:

MBIE: Created consistency and established culture, structures and behaviour across branches for successful delivery of National Strategies.

Objective Corporation. Created new service for Business Improvement reviews. Managed teams of experts and worked with a variety of public-sector clients in central and regional government.

Qatar National Broadband (through WS Atkins (Middle East)). Achieved contract renewals for the PMO team ($2m). Created effective teams from multi-national, disparate staff working in silos. Improved PMO effectiveness. Improved delivery and reduced waste. Moved vendor relationship to a more inclusive partnership.

Tait Communications. Embedded LEAN product development regime, based around “learning-first”, knowledge-based and Toyota “kaizen” engineering principles. Reduced time-to-market (50%) and project costs (50%) through more robust decision-making and reduced re-work.

UK Security Service. Successfully re-aligned failing £45m programme with organisational strategic themes. Led new ways of working that improved operational effectiveness and reduced costs, “doing more with less”.



Country experience

UK: MOD, FCO, Security Service.

Germany: MOD.

Qatar: National Broadband roll-out.

New Zealand: Tait Communications, Igniter, Objective, MBIE, Avalon Marketing & Website Design Ltd.


Government, NGO


Benchmarking / Best Practice
Brain Storming
Business Process Re-engineering
Change Management
Computer Technology
Customer Relationship Management
Cyber Security
Feasibility Studies
Information / Records Management
Information Systems
Operational Review
Organisation Development
Planning: Strategic, Business
Problem Solving
Process Management
Project Management
Risk Management
Training, Development
CMC: A higher level of
management consulting

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