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Noel Rodgers

Capability statement

Noel RodgersIn recent years I've founded and grown Active Business Support Services Ltd with the backdrop of being a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) with Institute of Management consultants (IMC NZ) and current President.

I felt that I could support business better through consultancy services leading me to initiate Active Business Support Services Ltd (Active BSS) in 2009. The company has evolved from a coaching company to a much wider platform of Risk Management, Growth Strategies, HR components, Efficiency through Process and People, Company Restructuring to best suit the business direction, Target Markets and Market Share, Acquisitions, Quality Processes, including Food Manufacturing and Hospitality dynamics.

Active BSS maintained a hospitality division (Hospitality Support Services NZ) with a selection of qualified hospitality assessors between 2010 and 2013 to provide the hospitality sector training, assessing, business coaching and mentoring, and was merged with the main business in 2013, yet the hospitality sector continues to be a core client in business coaching and mentoring through Active BSS.

My working history has been through various roles such as directorship, general management and senior management in a range of subjects (e.g. Manufacturing, Quality, Food Safety, Health and Safety, Sales and Marketing, Engineering, Human Resources, acquisition and merger, and others), including a number of years in the food packaging industry and further, some time as quality and food Safety manager in high volume food manufacturing.

The backdrop of knowledge comes from tools such as an MBA with Waikato University, with particular a focus on applied leadership dynamics and innovation to business growth. Other educational certifications are quality manager, auditor, registered food safety and workplace trainer, conflict management, multicultural relationships in the workplace, Electrical industry, registered NZTE service provider, mentor through Biz Mentors, and Certified Management Consultant (CMC).

Active BSS carries a selection of workshops and business development programmes delivering content such as target marketing, developing strategy, customer services, customer relations and many others, the exciting and very beneficial tool of Mindfulness in the Workplace, taking business entities to the next level of excellence. Further to the workshops, I get involved in public speaking engagements and presentations on a range of topics from time to time.

Recently in a separate business partnership, we've launched Gluten Management Ltd delivering gluten management training to food handlers, and further to deliver certification and auditing programmes to the hospitality sector in NZ and now launched in Canada. The programmes will expand to other countries as they become more established.

- Company Caretaker Management: (operational and governance).
- Business Consultant: Analysis, Development & Implementation
- Business Coach: NZTE Voucher Scheme.
- Business Mentor: Biz Mentors NZ.
- Independent Director: Governance and advisory.
- Cultural Relations: Associated relationship with NZFMC (NZ Federation of Multi-cultural Councils)
- Retail: General retail, hospitality, transport industries, telecommunications, clothing, restaurants.
- Applications for Govt. Funding: Primary/Maori health and Medical equipment RFP’s and Social Bonds applications.
- Male victim support Services: with local authorities in the Waikato
- Business Start-ups: Development of various business plans and strategies to new business unit initiation and mergers to implementation.
- Acquisitions & Mergers:
- Health & Safety Management: Legislative requirements
- Change Management: Internal and external stakeholders
- Hospitality Industry: Consulting, in food safety, customer service, and business sustainability.
- Quality Management: Systems and product assurance, internal audits and customer relations.
- Human Resources Management: Employment agreements, disciplinary or mediation and staff conflict resolution (e.g. personal Grievances
- Marketing: New products/services and business units, competitor analysis, market segmentation, re-strategizing for existing product, product differentiation and opportunities.
- Sales: sales forecasting and retail requirements for product and service.
- Manufacturing: Management and process
- Engineering: preventative maintenance, zero breakdowns, process efficiency, project management.
- HACCP: Hygiene and food safety to dairy Industry standards, Woolworths and (BRC) British Retail Consortium Standards.

Website: - –
Contact:    Noel Rodgers
Telephone:    07 889 1950
Mobile:    0274 775583

Professional background

Primary & Population Health over the last decade predominantly in
• Maori Health and Rural health, encompassing business structure and streamlining,
• RFP applications to Government
• Social Bonds application process
• Working with individuals in their business direction.
• Orthodontic Services
• Orthotic Services

Early Childhood Services
• Local centres to develop improved business sustainability.
• Early childhood education companies in business development creating National growth

• Retail
• Supply chain
• Customer services
• Added value market dynamics

• Training and assessing of food handlers
• Training of food safety management
• Business risk and growth strategies
• Noel has recently co-foundered Gluten Management Ltd to support the need for food handlers to better understand the dynamics of managing gluten in food and the associated risks. and the Gluten Management Association

A selection of Human Resource functions for key clients
• Recruitment for senior positions
• Restructuring to accommodate significant changes in the business
• Disciplinary and conflict management
• Appraisal and performance management
• Manufacturing
• High volume High Speed
• Process and Engineering efficiencies
• Quality systems
• Streamlining
• Health and Safety

Cultural relationship tools in the workplace as clients often experience cultural interaction gaps that adversely affect the work environment in a wide range of industries and business types.

Professional associations

IMC NZ Certified Management Consultant (CMC) – Current President 2016
NZTE Registered Business Coach - 2016
Biz Mentor Business Mentor - 2016
NZQA Trainer – Food Safety & Customer Services
NZSA Member of the NZ Society of Authors
MBA Waikato University Alumni – MBA 2013
IABC Past - Board member of the International Accredited Business Consultants
Rotary – Morrinsville (currently)
Chamber of Commerce – Morrinsville (currently), previously Taupo, Tauranga, Rotorua

Typical projects

• Primary Health Rural practice Acquisition
• Primary Health RFP applications
• Primary Maori Health Organisation internal structure and compliance
• Social Bonds Applications
• Health sector Equipment supply RFP
• Various SME Sustainability and growth projects
• Provide guidance to start-up companies
• Cultural gaps in Early Childhood Centres
• Cultural relations for SME’s
• Restructure and HR for Key Clients
• Recruitment for Factory Managers and Practice Managers
• Business coaching for school Principals
• Life Coaching for key clients



Country experience

New Zealand
United Kingdom


Agriculture, Fish
Food, Beverage
Hospitality, Tourism
Manufacturing, Mining
Retail, Wholesale
Storage, Warehousing
Transport, Distribution


Change Management
Quality Management
CMC: A higher level of
management consulting

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