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Robin Gunston

Capability statement

Robin GunstonRobin Gunston puts a positive futures focus on your strategies and risks and does so with honesty and integrity.
Robin works with all sizes and types of organisation to help prepare them to better meet the future. He has a strong affinity for working with not for profits and start up companies, but in his time has worked for large organisations both public and private.
His style of working is adaptable to the enterprise’s culture and to the manner in which they want the outcomes of his work to be used. He prefers a more informal, independent approach as he finds that gives both parties the best result.
Robin likes to tackle difficult issues and to work with a team of people he can influence to look at things in a different way. He prefers shorter assignments that can be accomplished within several months so that people can see the results of his advice taking effect to bring about desired changes.
Contact:    Robin Gunston
Mobile:    027-220-4186

Professional background

Robin has extensive senior management experience across a variety of industries, designing, implementing and auditing risk management and health and safety policies, processes and information systems. He is a Director of a State Owned Enterprise and several small companies.

Robin has comprehensive knowledge of business and how to exploit risk management frameworks to deliver commercial advantage. His detailed industry knowledge in oil and gas, construction and insurance has led to many successful risk management system implementations.

He has held a number of senior executive roles (Senior Risk Control Engineer - Sedgwick Group, HSE Manager/ Commercial Manager - NZ Refining Company, General Manager - Risk Management Systems Ltd, National Director- Prison Fellowship NZ Inc). These roles have all involved areas of financial, operational, political and personnel risk.

As Chair of the NZ Futures Trust he was the organisation’s consultant in long term futures undertaking a number of both small and large assignments within Government, Local Councils, and not for profits. He has used futuring techniques within strategy development for many organisations.

Professional associations

Member, Institute of Directors
Member, RiskNZ
Member, Institute of Management Consultants

Typical projects

- Development of Strategic Plans and Business Plans
- Business process reengineering
- Project Management- Business System integration and change management
- Large scale public consultation and engagement
- Scenario planning and testing of strategic plans
- Futures and system thinking workshops
- Risk management frameworks and analyses
- Incident investigation
- Risk assessment and group insurance placement



Country experience

New Zealand
Saudi Arabia


Emergency, Safety
Energy, Gas, Oil
Government, NGO
Information Technology
Transport, Distribution


Planning: Strategic, Business
Problem Solving
CMC: A higher level of
management consulting

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