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Terry Hoskins

Capability statement

Terry HoskinsTerry helps you look forward, reason backwards and overcome constraints

Terry works through Approach Limited who specialise in establishing and managing advisory boards which surround you with people who are interested and experienced in the fields you require and passionate about improving the performance of your business.

Advisory boards help bring out the best in your business. They keep you focused, on track and successful. They help you gain insights and define innovative courses of action which you could not discover on your own. Advisory boards are especially useful when major change looms, when you want to reinvent your business or when trouble strikes.

Terry is an experienced and qualified, business person, leader, manager, engineer and consultant with expertise gained through developing and implementing clear strategies for success.
Contact:    Terry Hoskins
Telephone:    0274 80 30 62
Mobile:    0274 80 30 62

Professional background

Terry has held roles such as, manufacturing director, senior consultant and chief executive within a wide range of sectors. These include economic development, business consulting, compliance management, manufacturing and marketing.

He currently serves as:
• President of Coeliac New Zealand
• Vice President of the Institute of Management Consultants
• An accredited mentor with Business Mentors NZ
• A Rotarian
• A trustee of North Shore Community & Social Services
• A management board member of the Employment Generation Fund

Terry has an MBA from the Henley Business College UK.

Professional associations


Typical projects

• Establishing and managing advisory boards
• Independent member representation on advisory boards to:
- Challenge thinking and improve results
- Act as a confidential sounding board
- Facilitate access to networks and areas of expertise
- Provide governance support
- Address challenges and solve problems
• Management system assessment, design and implementation covering compliance with standards, criteria for excellence and regulatory requirements including:
- Organisational excellence
- Risk
- Health and Safety
- Continuous improvement
- Productivity
- Sustainability
- Sensible use of lean, six sigma, TOC and other popular production techniques
• Developing and implementing business models and marketing plans
• Project management
• Mentoring and coaching individuals and organisations to achieve outstanding results
• Helping businesses change for the better
• Mentoring not-for-profit organisations under the Ministry of Social Development Capability Mentoring Programme



Country experience

New Zealand
New Zealand



Change Management
Performance Management
Planning: Strategic, Business
Problem Solving
Process Management
CMC: A higher level of
management consulting

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