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Dr Iain Matheson

Capability statement

Dr Iain MathesonDr Iain Matheson is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC), Doctor of Education (EdD), qualified social sector evaluator, and experienced researcher. For over 10 years, Iain has been working independently with social sector organisations, both government departments and not-for-profits, to help them achieve their key outcomes in relation to children, young people, young adults, vulnerable families, students, claimants or patients.

While Iain has demonstrated a high level of capability across a range of different management consulting roles, much of his current work is on the interface between management consulting and, monitoring/research/evaluation.

MANAGEMENT CONSULTING: Service and programme reviews; data collection and analysis; ‘think pieces’ and option appraisals; and policy and issues management.

LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT: Management mentoring; psychometric assessments; face-to-face training workshops and seminars; and webinars.

RESEARCH & EVALUATION: Research and evaluation design; developing monitoring and evaluation frameworks; provision of research, evaluation and evaluative activity services; and peer reviews.
Contact:    Dr Iain Matheson
Telephone:    +64 (0)6 379 5248
Mobile:    +64 (0)27 4070 722

Professional background

Prior to establishing Matheson Associates in 2004, Iain spent 10 years in a range of of middle and senior public sector management roles spanning operations, policy, regulation, inter-agency planning, service development and quality assurance.

Iain gained his doctorate from the University of Otago in 2015; he has other postgraduate education qualifications in evaluation research, social services management and child protection. In terms of his professional qualifications, as well as his accreditation as a Certified Management Consultant (CMC), he is an Approved Capability Mentor with the Ministry of Social Development, and holds the Certification of Qualification in Social Work (CQSW) (and UK registration). He is also an accredited Emotional Intelligence Coach with OPRA NZ/GENOS, and also holds Psychometric Testing Administration and Interpretation accreditation through OPRA NZ/Psytech International.

Professional associations

American Evaluation Association

Aotearoa New Zealand Evaluation Association

Injury Prevention Aotearoa

Institute of Management Consultants NZ (CMC)

New Zealand Association for Research in Education

Scottish Social Services Council (Registered Social Worker No 2006330)

Typical projects

Iain Matheson’s customers include the New Zealand and overseas clients include the Accident Compensation Corporation; Barnardos; Child, Youth and Family Services; Department of Families Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (Australia); Department of Internal Affairs; Department of Labour; IHC; KPMG Australia; Massey University; Maritime New Zealand; Ministry of Education; Ministry of Social Development; National Centre for Tertiary Teaching Excellence (Ako Aotearoa); the New Zealand Family and Foster Care Federation and the New Zealand Teachers Council. Recent projects include:

Overall responsibility for evaluation scoping and design of four large ACC workplace health and safety programmes - worked collaboratively with client and an ACC/Dept of Labour/Matheson Associates team.
Production of eight discussion papers on ACC role in child and adolescent injuries
Design of a suite of injury prevention alcohol-related injury outcome measures
Research study on Canadian NIDMAR disability management ACC pilot

Results Based Accountability evaluation of teen parent parenting programme
Review of harmful sexual behaviour residential facility’s operating model

Development of organisation-wide activity driver monitoring framework
Review of Canterbury foster care
Project management and ongoing reporting on national unallocated cases strategy
Review of National Caregiver Training Programme

DEPARTMENT OF LABOUR (DoL): National stock-take of health and safety training and review of DoL Workforce’s (formerly OSH) engagement with the health and safety sector with a particular focus upon sector standards and professionalisation. Interviews with occupational health and safety sector key informants and analysis of NZ and overseas reports and websites; production of two linked reports and follow up.

Strategic advice and peer reviews on their development of Australian out-of-home care standards for the Federal Department of Family, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA).

Led national inter-agency review of recreational boating deaths and serious injuries. Full report published on MNZ website at

Monitoring and evaluation framework for Tautoko Social Services
Monitoring and evaluation framework for consortium of counselling agencies
Capability mentoring with Abuse & Rape Crisis Support Manawatu
National inter-agency research study on gaps in youth justice provision



Country experience

New Zealand
United Kingdom


Education, Training
Emergency, Safety
Government, NGO


Benchmarking / Best Practice
Change Management
Feasibility Studies
Manpower Planning
Operational Review
Organisation Development
Partnering, Alliances
Planning: Strategic, Business
Problem Solving
Project Management
Quality Management
Review, Survey
Training, Development
CMC: A higher level of
management consulting

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