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David Butcher

Capability statement

David ButcherDavid is an economist with 25 years of professional experience as a consultant following spells as a civil servant, industrial officer, MP and minister. His consulting experience has taught him the skills required to enable him to carry out a wide range of consulting assignments:

- Project Management and Team Leadership,
- Workshop and Process Facilitation
- Detailed analysis and report writing

His particular lines of business are four:

- Strategic Restructuring and Business Planning
- Network Industry Analysis, Regulation and Development
- Institutional Development and Governance
- Civil Service and Public Administration Reform and Development

Recent comments on his work have included:

“David has a long-lasting experience in microeconomics and regulatory matters in various sectors across an array of developing countries. They include in particular Asian and Pacific countries (stretching from Fiji to Iran and Iraq), but also a number of Sub-Saharan African countries.”

“It is fair to say that David can easily adapt to the specific cultural requirements of a country and gets access to local clients, stakeholders and counterparts without any difficulties.”

“my experience with David in all our work on development matters is that he is focused on things that actually work and tries to make things working, rather than dealing with ideologically driven things.”

“David was always prompt in responding to all requests for support and information, which were delivered with excellent quality and on time.”

“David has a reputation for delivering high quality documentation connected with his advisory work and a referee highlighted,”

“the documents he prepared both in connection with projects in which I was involved and for other purposes were always of very high quality…. one could feel that he had a strong interest in the subjects he was reporting about.”
Contact:    David Butcher
Telephone:    +64 4 476 9001
Mobile:    +64 21 438 630

Professional background

Born in England, in 1948, David’s education was in Hastings New Zealand (NZ) (1963-66). He is married with two girls. He graduated in Economics (1971) and worked as a civil servant and industrial officer. Elected to Parliament in 1978, he became Parliamentary Under-Secretary for Agriculture, Lands and Forests in 1984, entering Cabinet in 1987 responsible for business and utility regulation.

Since retirement from politics in 1990, he has worked as a consultant. His work has mainly been in utility reform, network industries and in public service reform. His first assignment in electricity was in Iran’s (1991), followed by Vietnam (1992) and Nigeria (1992). In 1994, he worked on Mongolian privatisation and in power rescue missions in East Timor (2002) and Iraq (2004). In 1999, again worked on electricity in Guangdong and Yunnan, in 2001-02 in Central Asian Rehabilitation, early 2005, worked for the ADB on electricity regulation in Central Asia (published) and in 2008 on reticulation in Rwanda.

In 2003, he managed a UK £6 million utility project in South Africa covering transport, energy and telecommunications utilities’ regulation. In 1994 in Kazakhstan, he work on splitting telecommunications and postal. In 1995, David worked on a study of the cost of telecoms regulation in NZ, followed by telecom regulation Mekong Region (1999), Cambodia (2001 and 2007), Laos (2002) and Mongolia (2004).

He has also worked on resources issues Bangladesh Jute Sector (1992), up-stream petroleum Kazakhstan (1993) and inland water China (1995).

In 1992, David studied the impact of the Single European Market concept on the Island nations of the Pacific. In 1996, managed an Asian Forestry Project. From 2001, he worked in Bangladesh to increase the efficiency of the Parliament. Civil service reform has also been a task he has worked on for projects based in Algeria, Bangladesh, Mongolia and South Korea. Currently, he is working on Strategic Business Planning in Wellington. He has also authored and co-authored books and articles

Professional associations

Certified Management Consultant (CMC)
Institute of Public Administration New Zealand
New Zealand Association of Economists
New Zealand Association of Former MPs
New Zealand Institute of Management (FNZIM)
Telecoms Users Association of New Zealand (TUANZ)

Typical projects

Strategic Business Planning, Restructuring and Enterprise Reform

Sector Wide Approach to Electricity Reform – Rwanda
Institutional Expert, 2008, Kigali Rwanda

Privatisation of Mongolian Telecommunications Sector - Mongolia
Team Leader, Privatisation Expert, 2004 Ulaanbaatar, EBRD, 6 months

Strategy for Reconstruction of Iraq Electricity Sector - Iraq
Strategic Restructuring Expert, 2004 Basrah, DFID, 1 months

Assistance to RS Africa Public Enterprise Restructuring Programme – South Africa

East Timor Power Sector Rescue Mission – Timor Leste
Strategic Restructuring, 1 month, 2002, Asian Development Bank (ADB), PA Consultants

Central Asian Regional Power Transmission Rehabilitation – Regional Project

Institutional Reform Consultant, 3 months, 2001 Central Asia, ADB, Fichtner

Electricity Industry Reform Yunnan – PR China

Institutional Reform Consultant, 4 months, 1999 Yunnan, ADB, PA Consultants

Network Industry Reform and Regulation

Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Authority – Team Leader, Unified Licensing Regime, 2009, 4 months

Implementation of Telecommunications Sector Policy Reforms and Capacity Building, Team Leader, 2007 Cambodia, Asian Development Bank (ADB), 6 months

Review of Regulatory, Policy and Competitive Framework of ICT Sector in Rwanda

Regulatory Consultant, 2006 Rwanda East Africa, HIDA - WB, 2 months –Sole Consultant

Electricity Regulators Form – Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation

Electricity Regulatory Consultant, 2005 Central Asia, ADB, 2 months – Regulatory Expert

International Telecommunications Market Analyst – Hanoi Vietnam
Telecommunications Market Analysis Consultant, - 2004 – 2005 1 month total

Greater Mekong Telecommunications Regulation –Mekong Sub-Region
Network Regulation Consultant, 1999, ADB, Manila, 1 month

Electricity Market in China – PR CHina
Electricity Market Consultant, 1998, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, A D Jenkins Ltd

Inland Waterway Network Reform Project – PR China
Corporatisation and Regulation Consultant, 1995, World Bank, 1 month

Civil Service Reform / Governance Issues

Strategic Business Planning – Corporate Strategy Wellington Free Ambulance Management Consultant, 2008, 3 months

Skills Development Strategy – Financial Sector of Rwanda
Management Consultant, 2009, 3 months

Review of Employment Policy – Rwanda
Public Sector Management Consultant, 2006, GOR, 1 months



Country experience

East Timor
Iran, Islamic Republic of
Korea, Republic of
Lao People's Democratic Republic
New Zealand
Papua New Guinea
Solomon Islands
South Africa
United Kingdom
United States


Agriculture, Fish
Energy, Gas, Oil
Finance, Banking
Government, NGO


Institutional Strengthening
Planning: Strategic, Business
CMC: A higher level of
management consulting

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