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Peter Boyle

Capability statement

Peter Boyle Peter, while working in the 'Big 4' has been providing consultancy services for over 20 years, for the last 8 years based in Wellington. Since 1996 he has specialised in providing sourcing and procurement advice to the Corporate and Public sector market and has developed an outsourcing expertise that is widely regarded in the national market as being world class.
Peter has provided thought leadership to clients as diverse as NZ Defence Force, NZ Dairy Board, Telecom and Meridian Energy to name a few.

His expertise in the development of outsourcing initiatives has led to a comprehensive understanding of the issues that face organisations seeking to concentrate on the delivery of their core competencies. Through detailed analysis and business process investigations he has identified the critical success factors that are pre-requisites for successful sourcing initiatives. By applying these insights for the benefit of his clients he has contributed significantly to the market's understanding and capability to deliver on the promise that strategic sourcing offers.
Peter is currently CEO of New Zealand's leading Patent Attorney firm A J Park.
Contact:    Peter Boyle
Mobile:    021 511673

Professional background

Peter retired as a partner of Deloitte in January 2002 with the objective of obtaining greater control over work/life balance. He is a founding partner of Acuity Partners, a niche consulting firm specialising in providing sourcing, procurement and project management outcomes to business. Since 2007, Peter has been Group Manager Business Development at NZ Defence Force. In this role he has built an internal consultancy capability for NZ Defence Force.

Peter qualified as an accountant and spent his early professional career providing company financial and secretarial services to medium sized businesses in a wide range of industries.

He spent eight years in London specialising in financial and consulting projects in the construction and property sector.

Upon his return to NZ in 1994 Peter specialised in outsourcing and process improvement. Within Deloitte he was responsible for Operations consultancy services top the corporate and oublic sectors.

Professional associations

Fellow Institute of Management Consultants NZ
member New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants
Institute of Directors
NZ Institute of Management

Typical projects

Procurement and sourcing advice for large corporates and the Puiblic Sector. This includes setting sourcing strategy, determing current situation and developing pragmatic models the future. Development of business case and project management are typical. Generally solutions contain an evaluation of outsourcing and shared services models.



Country experience

Isle of Man
New Zealand
United Kingdom
United States


Agriculture, Fish
Clothing, Textiles
Energy, Gas, Oil
Government, NGO


Feasibility Studies
Operational Review
Partnering, Alliances
Project Management
CMC: A higher level of
management consulting

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