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Martin Dealy

Capability statement

Martin DealyI am now retired and am available only for pro bono work within the areas of my experience and knowledge.

Profession Management Consultant and Industrial Engineer , Certified Management Consultant (CMC) Primary Expertise Institutional Strengthening and Problem Analysis.
Projects include: privatisation; strengthening of institutions & business enterprises; logistics including distribution, warehousing; engineering systems especially in plant and transport maintenance. Special interest & experience in development and strengthening of the profession of management consulting & the associated professional institutions. Over 30 years experience at senior levels in government & private sector organisations mainly in Australasia but also North America and Europe. Many international assignments funded by agencies like IBRD, UNDP, NZODA & ADB. Wide and varied experience based on involvement in development and aid projects in countries of Southeast Asia, Latin America & Pacific Island Nations. Very experienced project manager/ team leader. Current interests include enterprise re-engineering, planning, institutional strengthening, organisational development as well as industrial engineering for better efficiency and productivity.
Contact:    Martin Dealy
Telephone:    +649 4075925
Mobile:    02102202211

Professional background

Key Competencies:

* Ability to think objectively and 'outside the square'; problem solving in different situations and ethnic, business and national cultures.

* Project and Team Leadership with wide experience in managing multi-disciplined projects in a variety of international and domestic contexts.

* Application of industrial engineering skills and experience for the design of systems and processes and the improved productivity

* Management of industrial engineering functions

* Institutional strengthening - to achieve more appropriate structures, better use of resources and capability of achieving organisational purpose.

* Management of research, design and specification for special projects including applications for use on the Internet such as for resource databases. Statement of Achievements Graduate of Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, London University (engineering) and Technical Staff College at Royal Military College of Science. Commissioned service in Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Researched motive power for heavy vehicles. Senior responsibilities for quality control in heavy vehicle production. Managed large repair and maintenance workshop. Principal Management Consultant and branch manager with major Australian consultancy. Responsible for a variety of projects in New Zealand and overseas.. Has been involved on many projects at top management levels. Team Leader or specialist consultant for several overseas projects funded by the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, the UNDP, UN headquarters and NZODA. Has work experience in over 20 countries including privatisation, professional consultancy development, technology transfer and organisational re- engineering.

Appointments held since 1987:

* Associate Principal Consultant in a major international corporate

* Director overseas consulting group

* Director of New Zealand organisation for marketing of consulting services

* Completed a PhD in Management in 1992

Current Activities of Interest:

* Immediate past Chairman and Director of ProConsul International Ltd. The company is responsible for the design, establishment, ongoing development and management of an innovative Internet web site for the marketing of senior level professional services. This can be found at;

* Chairman - Register of Engineers for Disaster Relief New Zealand - see

Professional associations

Fellow Institute of Management New Zealand Certified Management Consultant, Member Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Chartered Engineer, Fellow Chartered Managers Institute Fellow Institution of Professional Engineers, New Zealand

Typical projects

Project Leader - World Bank assignment for Strenthening of Professional Consulting in Indonesia....nearly six years based in Jakarta leading multi disciplined team with over all input of over 270 person months of effort. Project Leader for Asian Development Bank funded assignment for Ministry of Finance Thailand. Development of Consultant data base for professional consultants. Project :Leader for ADB assignment to review and recommend on development of professional consulting in Philippines. Industrial engineer for review and development of distribution system and cold store warehousing for largest food producer in New Zealand. Project leader for privatisation of a major port in New Zealand Industrial engineer for major prvatisation project funded by World Bank in Armenia. Industrial engineer for major marketing assignment for a Mexican Construction company. Co consultant for review of International Civil Service Commission at UN HQ New York.


American English

Country experience

Hong Kong
Isle of Man
Korea, Republic of
Lao People's Democratic Republic
New Zealand
Papua New Guinea
Sri Lanka
United Kingdom
United States


Emergency, Safety
Government, NGO
Manufacturing, Mining
Storage, Warehousing
Transport, Distribution


Industrial Engineering, Work Study
Institutional Strengthening
Maintenance Management
Project Management
Review, Survey
CMC: A higher level of
management consulting

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