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Celia Burton

Capability statement

Celia Burton Celia Burton has achieved international recognition as a management consultant, presenter, and author. She specialises in project/contract management and dispute resolution: advising, planning, training, and mentoring. She is a qualified arbitrator but prefers, wherever possible, to take the role of facilitator or advocate: guiding parties in dispute toward their own solutions.
Contact:    Celia Burton
Telephone:    +64 (0)21 0248 1276
Mobile:    +64 (0)21 0248 1276

Professional background

Celia's knowledge and experience comes from working in public and private industries as diverse as housing, science, education, banking and finance, health, and agriculture. Her work has taken her to Australia, Asia, America and Europe. She spent 2 years in the Solomon Islands as a Training Advisor - sustainable forestry.

Celia has developed and presented a number of in-house and public training programmes on project and contract management in New Zealand and overseas. She has also co authored two books on project management and planning that are now sold in a number of languages.

Professional associations

A Fellow of the The Institute of Management Consultants New Zealand Inc. (CMC)

Associate of The Arbitrators and Mediators Institute New Zealand Inc.

Typical projects

1.Project Planning, Management, Reviews
Mentoring inexperienced project managers.
Assisting corporates and small businesses with management by project.
New products and services.
Policy development.
Presenting Seminars, Workshops, papers.
International Publishing and Marketing.

2. Contract Management
Advice on refurbishment, labour only and outsourcing contracts.
Management of multiple housing development, renovation, and general service contracts.
Cost, variation, and quality control.
Employment contracts for consultants.
Advisory service to contractors and home renovators.
Developing and managing international publishing contracts.

3. Training
One to one mentoring and group coaching in project and contract management.
Developing and presenting international seminars on contracting and project management.
Management and Supervision workshops

4. Dispute Management (Arbitration, Facilitation, Advocacy).
Building Industry
Banking and finance
Commercial ie JV and ownership.



Country experience

As above


Education, Training
Forestry, Timber
Government, NGO


Change Management
Partnering, Alliances
Planning: Strategic, Business
Problem Solving
Project Management
Training, Development
CMC: A higher level of
management consulting

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