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Alan Win

Capability statement

Alan                                               Win                                               Alan has extensive experience in both strategic and operational logistics /supply chain management, having spent fourteen years in senior management roles for a number of leading international companies before moving into consulting in 1992. He is the Managing Partner of Middlebank Consulting Group, a company whose passion is simple - 'to design and implement customer driven solutions which are high in quality and value'.

Particular areas of specialisation include: - Logistics / Supply Chain Infrastructure Strategy - Distribution Channel Modelling and Costing - Freight Requirements Specification and Negotiations - Transport and Warehousing Operations Modelling - Distribution Centre Design, Sizing, Layout and Operations - Project Management - 3PL Strategy and Implementation - Inventory Analysis and Cost Reduction - Managing Capital Productivity of Supply Chain Inventories - Vehicle Specification and Operations - Vehicle Scheduling and Route Optimisation - Materials Handling Systems, Technology and Equipment - Procurement - Outsource Evaluation - Benchmarking - Reengineering - Product Costing and Pricing Strategy - Performance Evaluation - Supply Chain Management - Demand Chain Management - Total Value Chain Evaluation and Optimisation - Comprehensive 4PL Provision to Clients - Implementation of SAP SCM

MCG's work is unconditionally guaranteed to be to the client's satisfaction. If there is any cause of concern, the work will be redone, payment will be refunded or some agreed method of correction will be put in place until satisfaction is achieved. Confidentiality of the client's state, condition and data will be maintained.
Contact:    Alan Win
Telephone:    +64 9 377 5033
Mobile:    +64 21 751 479

Professional background

Alan's qualifications include:


Professional associations

Alan is a member of Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport

Typical projects

The outcome of consulting is focused on adding value to services, reducing costs of operations and managing for results. The following are some typical results of projects that Alan has been involved in:

- Identification and implementation of a suitable business model for the launch of a new company with turnover in excess of $100m p.a. in NZ - the success of this project was such that Alan's company has been retained to provide on-going 4PL to this client.

- Improved profitability (+300%) as a result of restructuring a food companies distribution methods.

- Avoidance of capital expansion (est at $800k) for a minimum of 5 years through improved warehouse storage methods within the pharmaceutical industry.

- 10% reduction in transport costs through improved practices internally and identification of a further 15% opportunity through negotiating improved rates with further use of consolidation for a leading metals fabricator.

- Improved process flows resulting in quicker turnaround of product for an international courier comany.

- Introduction of a quality standard and measure for a FMCG company where 'freshness' is critical to achieving successful distribution and rescheduling production and deliveries to achieve improvement.

- Part of a project team to achieve 'sustainable supplier/retailer improvements' between a major food manufacturer and retailing company through identification of opportunities to implement cross-docking and D.S.D. techniques.

- Development of a 'Logistics Strategy for the Future' for a major floor covering manufacturer.

- Review of an electrical equipment distributors freight arrangements and identification of overcharging to the extend of 15.2% and recovery of same.

- Changing a health food distributor from in-house distribution to outsourcing, resulting in a 6% improvement in service performance, lower costs and removal of non-core competency that required a disproportionate amount of management resource to oversee.

- Recommending restructuring the logistics function of a vision care provider & establishing methods and tools to improve forecasting and inventory management which will result in improved DIFOT while reducing inventories.

- Blueprinting of a global SCM SAP template followed by subsequent successful implementation in multiple markets



Country experience

New Zealand


Agriculture, Fish
Clothing, Textiles
Education, Training
Energy, Gas, Oil
Food, Beverage
Manufacturing, Mining
Retail, Wholesale
Storage, Warehousing
Transport, Distribution


Benchmarking / Best Practice
Business Process Re-engineering
Change Management
Customer Relationship Management
Distribution, Warehousing
Feasibility Studies
Operational Review
Partnering, Alliances
Performance Management
Planning: Strategic, Business
Procurement, purchasing
Production: Management, Planning
Project Management
Quality Management
Supply Chain Management
Training, Development
CMC: A higher level of
management consulting

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