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Ron Stuart

Capability statement

Ron StuartRon is one of New Zealand’s leading and most expert and innovative Business Improvement Strategists with a history of providing outstanding results to both the private and public sectors in areas such as organisational design, restructuring, workforce planning, outsourcing, change management, human capital management and supply chain management including strategic procurement and sourcing.

Ron has a business senior management background in the banking and energy sectors and has had a 12 year career as a management consultant. He is currently a National Councillor for the Institute of Management Consultants NZ and a member of the Victoria University of Wellington Management School Advisory Board.

Ron has worked in both the Public and Private sectors on a wide variety of consulting assignments with the recent focus being on the development of Investment life cycle strategy, structures and delivery models to enable businesses to achieve their planned strategic outcomes. This includes the development of demand management and workforce planning capabilities.

Ron has in-depth management and consulting experience in a wide range of industries, sectors and specific supply categories. He has also led a number of significant outsourcing projects.

Ron is able to demonstrate senior level Project Management and Senior Management experience and success. Significant experience can also be demonstrated in respect of designing and implementing best practice, award winning Human Resource strategies and practices including Performance Management systems, Compensation and Remuneration systems and Reward programs. Ron was formerly Chairperson of the New Zealand Remuneration Network.

Ron has a reputation of complete integrity and professionalism, which has seen him nominated and introduced by a number of services suppliers to organisations to act as an independent, unbiased strategist in respect of optimisation of supply arrangements. He is a creative and strategic thinker with a wide understanding of the nature and structure of organisations.

Academic Experience:
A strong academic background, supports his experience with degrees in Management (Organisational Development / Organisational Behaviour), Economics, and Industrial Relations
Contact:    Ron Stuart
Mobile:    021-248-2142

Professional background

Ron has spent the last 12 years primarily as a management consultant.

During this period he completed an 2 years as Consulting Practice Director for a Management Consultancy, 18 months as Principal Consultant for the consultancy practice of a significant Procurement Service Provider (PSP), managed his own consultancy firm for nine years, and prior to this worked in specialist management HR roles in the energy sector and line management roles in the banking sector. He is an experienced and capable leader of people and teams.

Ron's consulting experience is primarily in insurance, electricity, broadcasting, telecommunications, energy and government sectors but he has significant additional experience in small to medium size businesses. He can demonstrate significant capability and outcomes developing strategies, structures, processes and organisational capabilities. Ron is highly skilled at implementing the change management needed to achieve the planned strategic outcomes.

Ron is recognised as having a particular ability of bringing together and leading teams of expert resources to achieve organisational outcomes. He is a skilled negotiator and project director.

Ron maintains a close association with networks of recognised thinkers in his fields of discipline including links with academic research.

Professional associations

Institute of Management Consultants
-Certified International Management Consultant
- National Councillor IMCNZ

Institute of Supply Chain Management
-Certificate (Professional) member

Human Resource Institute of New Zealand
- Certificate (Professional) member

Victoria University Business School
- Member of Managment Group Advisory Board

Typical projects

Ron has a documented history of managing over 100 projects during his consultancy career - Consulting Projects completed include:

Development and successful implementation of a consultancy practice. This includes development of a network of expert consultant resources and deployment of these on projects.

Programme Establishment Manager for a major Public Sector IT Change Management project.

Development of a Demand Management and Delivery framework for a major Telecommunications provider, including development of Investment Logic Modelling, Strategic Sourcing frameworks,CMM models and resource management frameworks.

Strategy Development and Project Directorship of a significant review and reconstruction of a supply network for a major Insurance company. This included reconstruction of the supply chain and development of supplier relationship strategies and practices.

Strategy development and Project Directorship of a complete reconstruction of the supply network for a major broadcasting service provider. This project included significant internal and external change management initiatives.

Strategy development, Project Management and leadership of an IT outsourcing project for a major energy utility including managing the change from owned to leased equipment.

Full review, strategy development and project leadership of significant changes to Auckland City Council's supply management structures and processes.

Development of a White Paper for NZ Government in respect of e-recruitment and changes in the employment market through use of free-lance / contingent people resources.

Project management and participation in a full review and changes to Telecom NZ's supply managment processes.



Country experience

New Zealand


Education, Training
Energy, Gas, Oil
Finance, Banking
Government, NGO
Information Technology
Trade, Commerce


Benchmarking / Best Practice
Brain Storming
Change Management
Customer Relationship Management
Employment Relations
Information Systems
Manpower Planning
Market Studies
Organisation Development
Partnering, Alliances
Planning: Strategic, Business
Problem Solving
Procurement, purchasing
Project Management
Supply Chain Management
CMC: A higher level of
management consulting

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