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Don Baskerville

   Don Baskerville   

Don solves problems.

The major skills he uses to do this are his powerful analytical skills which enable him to find the patterns in data which show the underlying causes and trends of the chaos in the surface interactions as well as his unparalleled ability to draw... more..
Celia Burton

   Celia Burton   

Celia Burton has achieved international recognition as a management consultant, presenter, and author. She specialises in project/contract management and dispute resolution: advising, planning, training, and mentoring. She is a qualified arbitrator but prefers, wherever... more..
Murray Pugh

   Murray Pugh   

Currently Chief Executive at Stephenson & Turner

A wide range of commercial management and project experience including:
• strategy development and business planning,
• business management and governance,
• financial management reporting and analysis,... more..
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