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Robyn Barnes

   Robyn Barnes   

Robyn is a Certified Management Consultant who has had over 16 years’ experience strategically partnering as an external and internal consultant to improve the operational excellence and future performance of small to medium, large and complex, profit and not-for profit... more..
Maurice ELLETT

   Maurice ELLETT   

Maurice has over 40 years experience in executive recruitment most of which has been applied in executive search at the executive management level (CEOs, General Managers, Non-Executive Directors and executive level specialists). He has practiced throughout New Zealand from... more..
Reg Prasad

   Reg Prasad   

Reg is a certified management consultant who leads Qual IT’s Consultancy Service. He has been in the technology and business domain for over 12 years bringing experience in driving quality through testing and successfully delivering results. He has thorough background in... more..
Larry                                              Small

   Larry Small    

30 years of experience in executive search and recruitment consulting. Experience in both state sector and mainstream commercial appointments at senior and upper middle management level. Experienced in providing broader HR consulting advice in such areas as psychometric... more..
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