Business Competence

Competence Framework Reference
Business Competence Sub-competence
A Client Business Insight
Understands the internal and external factors impacting on the project
Ref # Definition
A1 Client understanding A1.1 Researches and understands the client business, the sector in which it operates, and its stakeholders.
A2 Client business knowledge A2.1 Analyses business culture, structure, processes, management and performance criteria based on scope of work and at an appropriate level to be able to complete the assignment.
A3 External Awareness A3.1 Formulates analysis for client including the current political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental factors which may impact the assignment.
B Consulting Business Insight
Understands the management consultancy environment and its commercial aspects
Ref # Definition
B1 Consultancy business knowledge B1.1 Understands the nature of the management consultancy market, competitors and capabilities.
B2 Commercial aspects of assignments B2.1 Demonstrates understanding of commercial aspects of projects including scoping, pricing, risk, and terms and conditions.
B2.2 Demonstrates understanding of, and where appropriate uses, systematic methods to promote consultancy services for external and internal clients, to maintain a pipeline of opportunities and to negotiate and win contracts.

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Competence Framework
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